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What students are we looking for?

With its cross-departmental, multidisciplinary structure, the Management Undergraduate Program is a unique undergraduate program that has a strong focus on finance and technology and on cross-disciplinary integration. Furthermore, as we aim to train internationally versed talent, our courses are partly taught in English, and it is planned to further increase the number of English-taught courses in the future. The design of the program thus requires special skills and abilities of prospective students which is reflected in our admission procedures.

We are looking for students who demonstrate the following skills, interests and abilities:

  • good mathematical skills (Mathematics A in Senior High School)
  • interest in financial economics
  • interest in information technology and emerging technology industries
  • interest in entrepreneurship and management and societal issues; good leadership abilities
  • ability for cross-disciplinary exploration and integration
  • sufficient English skills, and the willingness to improve English language skills during the course of studies

How does the admission process work?

We wish to recruit students with the very best academic merit, potential and motivation, and welcome applications by all suitably qualified prospective students from different backgrounds. The application is based on written documents, no interview will be held. The documents have to be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs, but will be reviewed by the MUP admission committee which carefully considers each application on an individual basis. Please bear in mind that, due to high demand, admittance to the MUP may be quite competitive.
The results in the GSAT (學測) amount to 50%, another 50% will be made up of the four following items which are weighed between 25% and 5%:  

► your academic results, i.e. results in your Senior High School transcripts (we are mostly looking at STEM subjects, especially mathematics, and English): 25%

► your academic interests, curiosity, ambitions, demonstrated through a project, report, essay etc. in any field relevant for the MUP: 10%

► the diversity of your skills and interests, i.e. extracurricular activities, such as student clubs, participation in competitions, hobbies or interests that you deem relevant for the application: 10%

► your motivation, i.e. you have to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP)  where you describe why you wish to join the MUP: 5%

















How to apply? 

As a rule, a new intake of students will be admitted in the beginning of the academic year, i.e. in September of each year. The application deadline is in February or March of the same year, for further information please refer to the information provided by the Office of Academic Affairs

What do I need? Application Checklist  

 Senior High School Exam  ü

 University entrance exam certificate (GSAT)  

 MUP administered entrance exam   Ø
 MUP administered entrance interview    Ø
 Recommendation letter(s)    Ø
 Motivation letter (Statement of Purpose)   ü
 Curriculum Vitae    ü
 Other supporting documents (Certificates, proof of
 extracurricular activities, essays, etc.) 
 Application form ü

Please note: Currently, the MUP restricted to graduates of Senior High Schools in Taiwan. International students are not eligible to apply for the MUP, unless via a Dual Degree program with a Taiwan Tech partner university.